In Practice: Reclaimed Wood Offers Rustic Touch to Urban Distillery

The centerpiece of the Westland Distillery in downtown Seattle isn’t just the single-malt whiskey, it’s the gleaming, colossal copper and stainless steel stills. Unfortunately, local regulations requiring a two-hour fire enclosure didn’t permit the owners to showcase the equipment front and center in the tasting room like it so richly deserves.

The architects at Urbanadd created a two-hour enclosure using metal studs, drywall, wood sheathing, and randomly interspersed panels of two-hour fire-resistant glass, thereby meeting the dueling needs of both safety and spectacle.

westland distillery

To ensure the enclosure itself didn’t look out of place nor take away from the vibe of the space, an early 1900s warehouse that thoughtfully melds both wood and industrial steel elements, the choice of façade material was also vital. The team opted for reclaimed timber, which they acquired from the teardown of an old Boise Cascade mill in nearby Yakima, Wash.

A local woodworker cut the 6-inch-by-12-inch beams in half, sanding down the cut side while leaving the raw side untouched to create a unique patchwork of smooth and worn. The robust timbers and rugged edges are the ideal complement to the hefty wood beams throughout the building as well as to the reception desk in front, which is crafted of a massive steel beam with a wood top.

westland distillery2

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