Buzz: Product News Roundup, Optimized Framing Edition

Product news from the past week, including 5 advanced framing strategies, cool brick and stone installations, transparent solar cells, and opulent vanities.

• Advanced framing reduces waste while boosting energy efficiency. Here are 5 optimization methods to start with.*

• 10 beautiful, unique applications of stone, indoors and out.

• Not to be left out, bricks can be used creatively, as well. Here are 7 one-of-a-kind applications.

• California is once again leading energy-efficiency efforts, adding window film to the state building code.

• Speaking of glass (and California), scientists at UCLA have invented a transparent solar cell that could turn windows into solar panels.

• Do you often neglect the “fifth wall”? Here’s how traditional exposed beams can be used to upgrade modern ceilings.

• From copper surrounds to stone slabs to floating cabinets, here are 18 sumptuous, museum-quality bath vanities.

 Image: Courtesy APA-The Engineered Wood Association

(*Disclosure: The advanced framing article was written by a client of this blog’s parent company.)

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